About Us

iTrade Pay Team


Christie Acevedo – President of iTrade Pay

Christie joined the Value Card Alliance/ currently iTrade Pay team in 2009 as a partner to drive international sales expansion and local market growth.  Christie joined the ITP team with over 18 years of corporate sales management experience where she realized phenomenal results. Christie has lead the ITP team to one of the top trade exchanges in the US today and the fastest growing exchange in the world. Our vision is to offer the best customer service in the barter industry paralleled with growth and market expansion to offer a barter experience beyond the traditional expectations. ca@valuecardtrade.com

Chloe Slater - VP / Broker Manager 

Chloe represents the dynamic link between the constant addition of new members and countless barter options that are brought to the table daily and creating a smooth flow of filtering the right aspects to each member through her amazing team.  Chloe has been voted the top Broker Manager in the Nation and continually stays on the cutting edge of the communication flow. 


About Barter

Explaining and clarifying barter is about as diverse as explaining a shirt.  There are literally thousands of options and scenarios. One person can understand barter and then work with a different barter company and it is like they discovered something intirely new.  The true benefits of barter can all be narrowed down to "having options."  How you spend your barter dollar, how often and on things with the most value is when your barter company becomes your most valuable business partner.  

By trading through the iTrade Pay network you will have access to thousands of companies from day one to spend on.  Everyone wants more customers and with iTrade Pay as your barter company, we will market you and bring you your first new customer typically within 24 hours.  This customer is almost always another local business owner, who understand the power of positive referrals and will likely become a strong asset as well as a customer.  

When you work with the iTrade Pay team, you will not only have an immediate new stream of revenue, but you will have brought on your own advertisting team, iTrade Media, a barter ticket broker and a full travel department to book all your full trade travel to destinations worldwide.

 Barter will minimally give you:
  • Increased sales
  • A larger client base
  • More cash in the bank
  • Better word-of-mouth marketing

Barter is simply adding another form of revenue, where there is a full team outside of your own that is doing all the work to bring you the business.  Once you have this new business, you now can start spending these barter dollars on thousands of everyday items that you currently spend cash on and put that money back in the bank. 

Contact us today to better understand the details of how iTrade Pay can benefit your business model specifically.