Welcome to iTrade Pay and the overall trading platform that transacts more than 36 million annually.  We are the nation's leader in saving cash and it is easy. After your business becomes a member, simply shop and save with your trade dollars and keep your cash in the bank.

Barter simply brings you new clients, a new marketing team, a new social media team and then opens easy access for you to utilize that newfound revenue immediately with any one of thousands of options just like you have in the cash world. 

The ITP Barter network has more than 4,000 member businesses and an additional 40 thousand trading partners with whom our members can trade allowing your company to conduct business-to-business trading for goods and services outside your normal markets. This gives you the opportunity to purchase goods and services for your business using trade dollars instead of cash, which means your business can save cash on normal business expenses like printing, repairs and improvements, professional services, travel, office equipment, corporate gifts, company meetings, and much more by spending your earned trade dollars instead.

Aditionally because you are earning trade dollars on your goods and services at normal everyday selling prices, you are able to turn those earnings around to purchase items at your wholesale cost!

Now that you are part of the nation's fastest growing trade exchange, you have more options than even to start saving money. Trade is an interactive process between you, your broker and the networkk to create new spending habits by replacing cash expenditures with trade. This is where the true value is realized. Reach out and start saving.

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As everyone looks to conserve cash, there has never been a better time for our members to put their iTP dollars to use.

While the majority of the world’s banks and financial institutions are reeling under the pressure of their own instability, iTrade Pay is here to help all of its current and future members ride out the uncertainty of the current cash economy.

As a business owner, the prospect of reduced sales during this credit crunch and the tightening cash economy is becoming more evident each day. Securing existing customers and attracting new customers is high on everyone’s agenda. Gaining an advantage over your competitors to maintain and grow your business means that you need to take advantage of every opportunity.

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New products and services are made available to all iTrade Pay members with the click of a button or a call to your broker. Everyday through our website, directories, texts and e-mail bulletins, new opportunities will be available to you.

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