Member agrees to sell to other members for 100% iTrade Pay (ITP) Credit (defined as receivable due in goods and/or services) at the prevailing price. For all unit sales over $5,000, sell percentages of ITP Credit and cash become negotiable between Buyer and Seller.

Sales Limit is the amount of ITP sales the member will accept in excess of ITP purchITP Sales) if ITP sales exceed ITP purchases by more than $5,000 and if ITP is previously notified.

One Time Membership:  $0.00

There are not up front costs to join the ITP trading network. 

Monthly Maintenance Fee: $12.99 due in cash on the first of each month via auto pay. If auto pay is not chosen, the monthly fee will be $20.99 due in cash on the first of each month.

Transactions Fees: Member agrees to pay monthly a 5% cash fee plus a 2% ITP fee on all transactions made using the ITP auto payment method.  If the member does not elect an auto pay option the standard cash fee is 6% cash in and out on transactions. 

Member hereby authorizes ITP to debit Member's bank account or credit card the amount of any balance due on Member's ITP account. Authorization will remain in effect until written cancellation to ITP.  Member agrees to update account information at least five business days prior due date. Payments will be processed on the first of each month. If payment date falls on a weekend or holiday, payments may be processed the next business day.  Member understand that rejected/returned payments will incurr a $25 fee.

This iTrade Pay Member Agreement (“Agreement”) describes the terms and conditions applicable to use of the i Trade Pay Exchange (as defined below). Each Member or potential Member should carefully read the terms and conditions of this Agreement, all of which a Member must accept and agree to before joining the iTrade Pay Exchange. If you (the “Member”) buy or sell, or offer to buy or sell, goods or services on, in or through the iTrade Pay Exchange, you are thereby accepting and agreeing to all of the terms of this i TradePay  Member Agreement, as amended from time to time. If you disagree with or cannot comply with any of the terms of this Agreement, you may not use the iTrade Pay exchange.

The full Member Agreement is available online under our Policies link.  If you are unable to access the Agreement online you may request a printed copy from our Corporate Office at 602-308-0385.